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To keep up with the demands of a culture that breeds speed in society- more definitely means more. So, check your broadband speed, and compare it against those in your area. Will yours take the lead?

How Our Broadband Speed Test Can Work For You

Our internet speed test will enable you to evaluate your business through a structured and responsive HTML5 tool. With a substantial network around the world, our Speedtest can bring incredible value to your website. Give a little extra to your existing client base, and drive more traffic your way with our personalised speed test plugin.

Choose our Broadband Speed Test!

Step 1

Choose the right package. Start for free, or upgrade and include the tools for a full data analysis.

Step 2

Make it your own. Design and publish a unique speed test perfectly tailored to your brand's identity.

Step 3

Offer value to your existing customers, drive new users to your website and gain insight into your market.

How Does Our Speed Test Work?

Firstly, our internet speed test requires your location. Next, it will perform a series of tests, including uploads and downloads between your network and the server closest to you. This will help us measure various data points, and give you a summary of your network's performance. Finally, Compare SpeedTest will outline your upload, download, and pin (latency) speeds. We will advise you what you can do with your speeds, and compare them to other providers closest to you.

Compare SpeedTest

Our custom speed test will enable you to measure your network through a structured and responsive HTML5 tool.

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