Test your Internet speed and compare with your neighborhood


Internet service providers promote high-speed, superfast, or lightning-fast 1GB fibre broadband speeds. Are you getting what you pay for?

A broadband speed test is an effective way to evaluate your internet service’s performance. Compare SpeedTest can help you test your broadband speed and provide you with tips that help speed up your connection.

To ensure an accurate reading, make sure that all streaming and downloading is stopped. You will need to close all browser windows, emails, and video games, and make sure that no one else is using the internet during the speed test. Your results may also be impacted if you are testing the internet speed during peak hours and are connected via WiFi. Test your broadband speed throughout the day to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your network connection.

Speed test results include your download and upload speeds, measured in megabits per second (Mbps), and determine the speed that data is transferred between your device and the server. Download speed is important for streaming TV shows and downloading files whereas a strong upload speed is essential for remote workers and anyone who regularly uploads photos or files to the cloud. Internet speed test results also include Ping Speed, in milliseconds (ms), which is key for gaming online and is related to network latency.


Is there something that you can do to speed up your internet?

Absolutely! There are a few ways that we will outline that will help you troubleshoot your connection before blaming your internet speed provider for the lag. Sometimes, a few simple tweaks can help!

Firstly, restart your router. Whether you decide to switch it off for a few hours or reboot it like you would your computer, it is always on and working overtime. Long term use can cause heat stress to the device and weak or intermittent connectivity. Regular maintenance is paramount and rebooting the router a few times year can solve any connection and speed issues that you may be experiencing. Next, you should try and reposition your router. If your router is on the floor, elevate it. It should be high enough to ensure a clear path, away from a brick/concrete wall, and unobstructed by large objects. Keep it out of the kitchen and away from appliances like a microwave, cordless phone, or baby monitor as the radio waves can interrupt your signal. Lastly, if your router is around five years old, it may be time to replace it! Just as you would replace your computer or smartphone, we recommend upgrading it as well, since an outdated router could be the cause of your weak connection.

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